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- Faculty General Surgery specializes in the treatment, counseling, medical treatment and surgery for general surgical patients. Go through the process of continuous learning and development, the Department of Foreign synthesis has successfully implemented many different types of surgery.

- ENT Surgery Endoscopy: Cut Amygdale; laryngeal microsurgery; And fibrillation; screening function; Tools septum; Cut Polype nose; rotating drum tuning; Polype vocal cords.

- Endoscopic Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology: uterine fibroids; Ovarian Cysts; Ectopic pregnancy; Inflammation excreta; Cut ears; hysterectomy.

- Endoscopic Surgery Urology: ureteral stones; Open ureter through the skin; Nong ureter; Kidney stones; bladder stones; RIPS bladder neck; Bladder Tumors; urethra; kidney tumors; Cut the kidneys; Cut renal cyst ; Open bladder through the skin; Cut testicles; prostate fibroids; latch-renal capsule.

- Emergency Surgery: Inflammation of the peritoneum; Appendicitis; Perforation stomach; Acute cholecystitis; intestinal obstruction.

- General Surgical Endoscopy: gallbladder stones; bile duct stones; Appendicitis; intestinal adhesive removers; rectal University; Burning sympathetic ganglion; stomach; K gastrectomy; Cut u great omentum; liver ; Cut liver; Cut the esophagus; splenectomy; inguinal hernia; digestion; Location; parotid gland tumors; gland tumors; Sweating hands; esophagus and esophageal cancer; esophageal stent; herniation abdominal wall; General Endoscopy; Biopsy; anus; intestinal U; U mesentery.


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