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Hormone Replacement Therapy Expert Dr. Gino Tutera, speaking to medical community in Israel


Dr. Gino Tutera, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., has accepted several invitations to talk with medical communities in Israel about his proprietary hormone replacement method, SottoPelle®. While there, he is speaking at two top-ranking hospitals – one in Nahariya on the north coast of Israel, and the other located near Tel Aviv. In addition, Tutera is scheduled to present at numerous other events that include both professional and personal speaking engagements.

Tutera, who is celebrating 40 years of medical practice, said “I am very pleased to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with practitioners in Israel. Many are very invested in finding innovative, evidence-based ways to help their patients remain healthy as they age.” Tutera went on to say, “SottoPelle® falls precisely into that category. I’ve been administering this HRT method for many years now and continue to find it an excellent solution for patients suffering from hormonal imbalance—most of whom come to me struggling with disruptive symptoms and health issues. It’s always remarkable to witness the positive changes and renewed vitality they have after they commit to this therapy.”

SottoPelle® hormone replacement therapy employs bioidentical pellet implants—a delivery method that’s been available and positively researched since the 1930s. Tutera, who has used this modality longer than most American colleagues in his field, combines high quality pellets with his proprietary web-based dosing application and a unique pellet insertion method in order to ensure maximum benefit for each patient.

“Maintaining hormonal balance is vital to preserving quality of life and well-being as you age” said Tutera. “It’s crucial to helping your body work the way it’s supposed to. However, restoring key hormones to a balanced ratio is a delicate matter that not every physician knows how to achieve.” He went on to say, “After 40 years of personal research and observation, I can confidently say that the SottoPelle® method, when properly administered, represents the most precise, effective and safe HRT method available. It’s the reason I’m really excited to share it with physicians and patients everywhere.”


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